More than a Logo: Anatomy of a Successful Brand

Rugilė Mameniškytė, Graphic designer Imagine your brand as a person – would you want them as a friend? Brands, much like individuals, are intricate, multifaceted and and always sending signals

How to communicate with a satiated generation?

Aurelija Astrauskė, Executive Director at Adverum Challenging times have come for leaders and HR professionals. The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the rules of the job market, where today it’s

Adverum has a new leader

Experienced communications consultant Aurelija Astrauskė has joined Adverum, a communications firm with 20 years of expertise in the industry, as the Executive Director. Ieva Naujalytė, the firm’s CEO, will continue

Expert Communication: I have an opinion. Who cares?

Anastasija Zemdliauskaite, Adverum Senior Consultant  Expert communication is often considered a traditional form of communication, involving opinion, comments, advice, and insight from specialists, representing their companies. However, due to the

How Brands Should Respond to the Crisis in Ukraine?

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is on everyone’s mind. It may not directly affect your business, but PR people should take precautionary steps to avoid unintentional missteps during this crisis. Here’s

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