Adverum will take care of international communication of Lithuania Travel

Adverum team has won the competition for international communication partners of the Lithuanian Tourism Promotion Agency Public Enterprise Lithuania Travel (“Keliauk Lietuvoje”). We will take care of the international communication of this organisation in target markets, helping to implement the strategic objectives of promoting Lithuania as a tourism-friendly country.

“As a national tourism promotion agency, we are doing our best to create the image of Lithuania as an attractive tourist destination for foreign tourists, but our success is undoubtedly determined by the quality of our cooperation with partners. Therefore, we are happy that Adverum has become our communication partner in promoting Lithuania in priority foreign markets. I have no doubt that the agency’s many years of experience in international waters will help us achieve ambitious results. We certainly have a lot to say about Lithuania, our experiences and stories, so I believe in the success of our joint work,” comments Dovilė Seliuke, Head of Tourism Marketing and Communications at Travel Lithuania.

Ieva Naujalyte, Senior Partner at Adverum, emphasises that the cooperation with Travel Lithuania is a significant recognition for the agency and a welcome partnership, given the agency’s long-standing contribution to the strategic communication of Lithuania’s promotion abroad. 

“We have another strong organisation in our client portfolio that has clear objectives of promoting the cultural heritage and innovation of the country and enhancing its presence in target markets. Lithuania is a fantastic place to live and visit, so being part of this client’s international strategic communication is both fulfilling and inspiring. I am confident that through our partnership with Travel Lithuania, our country will become a compelling destination for a wider audience within the international community,” said I. Naujalytė.

Lithuania Travel, a national tourism promotion agency under the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, focuses on promoting inbound and domestic tourism in Lithuania. The agency’s goal is to assist both foreign and domestic tourists in discovering unforgettable experiences through the Co-Create Experiences brand, as well as supporting tourism businesses in growing their services and client base.