TRC knives

Client TRC knives Task Visual branding for a new collection of knives according to the creative story of each knife. Solutions delivered The visual concept of a new collection; Photoshoot

Star Key Hearing

Client Star Key Hearing Task Rebranding and bringing B2B brand to a consumer Solutions delivered 360’ Brand Positioning strategy and implementation (2017 November-December)

Revolutio and Baltic Food Organization

Client Revolutio and Baltic Food Organization Task Effective Media Outreach to inform China and South Korea markets about the EU organic production Solutions delivered Media Relations; Marketing Communication; Creative Services

Innovative Pharma Baltics

Client Innovative Pharma Baltics Task To create and maintain the corporate image of the company Solutions delivered Linkedin communication strategy and delivery (from 2019 July)

Rinkuskiai brewery

Client Rinkuskiai brewery Task promo of summer campaign – lottery Solutions delivered Visual identity of the campaign; Website; Marketing and promo materials; Social media content (2019 August).

Moterys Kalba

Client Moterys Kalba Task Increase awareness of cervical cancer Solutions delivered Awareness through social media: Influencers campaign Video projects Social media campaign (2017 July-August)

Rinkuskiai Brewery

Client Rinkuskiai Brewery Task Visual branding for a new collection Solutions delivered Visual concept of a new beers collection;  Photoshoot and photo montage of each product (2017 November).

Pharma Client

Client Pharma Client Task Educate parents about tuberculosis through their children Solutions delivered Awareness through digital projects: Story development, Website concept, Social media concept (2018 July).

Industrial Heroes

Client Industrial Heroes Task Brand identity Solutions delivered Logo; Brandbook; Business cards; Website design; Design for marketing materials (2019 May).


Client Indkarta Task Brand identity Solutions delivered Logo; Brandbook; Business cards; Design for marketing materials; Social media design (2018 April-May).

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