Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration


The creation and implementation of campaign for Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration. The “Click the Caution” campaign aimed to increase the self-awareness of electric scooter drivers, promote safe driving recommendations, and motivate them to comply with road regulations.

Solutions delivered

  • The visual identity was created;
  • The project was launched and presented with Vilnius City Municipality and the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania: the campaign logo was painted on the bicycle path on the White Bridge;
  • Two experiments were implemented: one at the beginning of the campaign and one at the end of the campaign. The first was a five-hour video experiment on one of the busiest streets in Vilnius – people on electric scooters were filmed, offenders of the road traffic rules were counted, and the most frequent violations were identified. The second was to encourage and cheer up scooter riders who follow the rules, thus reminding the benefit of the correct participation in traffic;
  • Online training with influencer Ignas Bakėjus was organized featuring safety rules while riding e-scooter;
  • The campaign involved e-scooter renting spots and sellers and opinion leaders, such as Paul De Miko, Goda Problema, Dalia Belickaitė, and Edvinas Krupinskas.
  • An online safe riding test for e-scooter riders has been created and published on the news portal.


  • Increased proportion of respondents (e-scooter renters and sellers) encouraging e-scooter riders to ride a scooter safely.
  • The number of people wearing helmets increased by 6%.
  • The number of people riding electric scooters with an additional person decreased by 5%.
  • The number of e-scooter sellers and renters who were educating their clients on safe driving increased by 25%.
  • The campaign was successfully introduced on the national television show, providing a successful launch and increased visibility.
  • In total, the campaign was mentioned in 90 articles, with an overall reach of 5,8 million.
  • Our target audiences were reached through influencer marketing across various social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, reaching 700 thousand of the target audience.


2023 April-October

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