Enterprise Lithuania has selected Adverum to lead the export development communication campaign in foreign markets

Entrepreneurship and export development agency Enterprise Lithuania has selected Adverum to lead the export development communication campaign in foreign markets. The campaign aims to increase awareness of Lithuania’s export sectors and form a favorable opinion about Lithuanian goods and services in Germany, France, the USA, Netherlands, and Sweden.

These five target export markets will be familiarized with six Lithuanian industries, using detailed strategies for increasing competitiveness in specific countries, developed by Enterprise Lithuania and its partners. One of the strategies is implementing strategic communication, which will be the responsibility of Adverum.

“To improve the conditions for Lithuanian companies to establish themselves in foreign markets, it’s important to increase the awareness of Lithuanian industrial sectors. Although those sectors and companies that already work with Lithuanian businesses are changing the attitude positively, we still face certain stereotypes. Hopefully, this communication project will accelerate changes and ignite a continuous, systematic representation of Lithuanian business sectors in foreign markets,” says Daina Kleponė, Managing Director at Enterprise Lithuania.

D. Kleponė emphasizes that the B2B-orientated communication campaign will position Lithuanian sectors as reliable partners who create sustainable, eco-friendly, innovative solutions to meet the market’s needs.

The campaign will present the strengths, capabilities, and unique services of Lithuanian exporters by introducing the food and beverage sector in Germany and Netherlands, furniture sector in France and Germany, traditional engineering sector in France and Germany, high-tech engineering sector in France and Germany, IT – in Sweden and Germany, as well as for biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector – in USA and Germany.

“We have a unique opportunity to participate in shaping the Lithuanian business image in the eyes of the world. Being a part of the global community ourselves, we see the significance of helping Lithuanian businesses in strategically important export markets,” says Ieva Naujalytė, Managing Partner at Adverum.

To adapt the communication tone and manner to the local mindset and select the most effective communication channels, Adverum will seek help from partners in target countries and consult with trade associations. Consultations with the representatives of embassies in the target countries, commercial attachés, and representatives of Lithuanian manufacturer and service associations will also occur to identify the Lithuanian business success stories and solidify Lithuania as a reliable and valued business partner.