The Dark Side of Employer Branding

It looks like successful employer branding is on everyone’s mind lately, dazzling with fun and creativity. But our account director Anastasija Zemdliauskaite who has been working with employer branding for years, says there are also pitfalls in most common employer branding practices.

One of them, according to Anastasija, occurs when companies only focus on perks and not on the mission and practice of the company. “Trying to attract people mostly with leisure activities, snacks, and games, companies would rarely get the young talents who would say “I share the purpose of this company, and I want to contribute to that”. They would more probably attract people who want to sit down, relax, and wait for a candy – and change a job as soon as another company offers a bigger one”, – she said.

Another critical aspect in the workplace, according to A. Zemdliauskaitė, is the well-being of employees this is a crucial component to maintaining a good image of the employer. According to her, the problem of employees burnout is well known, but managers often forget to measure the well-being of employees. “Sometimes a new client or project is simply dropped from the top without asking the employee, whether they want to work with it or not, without seeing if the employee’s eyes are still burning. It is important to evaluate it, ”, says A. Zemdliauskaitė.

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