What to Expect in 2021 in the PR Industry?

2020 has shaken the world and initially has hit communication businesses hard. However, the situation quickly turned, and communication services became necessary to the private and public sectors. 

Ieva Naujalytė, a Senior Partner of Adverum, predicts that the beginning of 2021 is still hard to define. Still, we will already start to see the “turn”: companies and brands will be positioning themselves to solve specific societal problems on a much larger scale than ever before.

Next year, the public and consumers will care more about the values of their brands. It will pave the way for creative communication initiatives and increase the likelihood of brands having a reputation crisis. Companies will have to be sincere about their actions and do the homework to update existing crisis communication plans promptly.

Brands ’focus on social topics will increase the likelihood of reputation crises.

Brands and companies will have to take on the role of the world and society’s saviors. The ESG reports are gaining popularity globally and will become the norm in most large companies. Because of uncontrollable climate change, growing exclusion and inequality, and the absence of global agreements between countries, businesses will have to prove they can make a difference.

The only effective communication – across information bubbles   

Adverum Senior Partner points out the main challenge for next year – more than ever, people will be closed off in their information bubbles. It will be harder to reach them for communication and marketing specialists. The public has been cautious for some time now, and it has become the norm. What has been influential in the communication field in 2020 won’t be enough this year. Suppose we want to reach across information bubbles. In that case, we will have to reevaluate and understand the current needs of consumers to be able to provide the right content through the proper channels, says I. Naujalytė.

Communication on behalf of people

Priorities have shifted in the world faced with a common enemy – the pandemic. Family, friends, and community are the most vital parts of good living. Communicators can send messages with brands’ goals and mission towards creating a better place for people. Are we saving the planet from climate change? No, we are rescuing people from climate change. Communication messages that make us think about our loved ones will be more influential than ever.

As an important trend for 2021, I. Naujalyte also highlights the further development of technology: virtual reality became cheaper and more available, and data gathered by AI will continue to serve as a massive driving force. All this will prompt the need for highly targeted and measurable communication campaigns that will change the world for the better.