Sustainability is Both a Great Opportunity and a Meaningful Obligation

“Sustainability is both a great opportunity and a meaningful obligation” – this message was sent by the participants of the “Green Course 2021” conference that took place in Klaipėda a week ago. Based on the best practices of the global sailing competition, The Ocean Race, the conference drew public attention to sustainability and the Green Deal as a dialogue between society, government, science, and business.

As Aistis Zabarauskas, Partner at Adverum, pointed out, this conference is one of the most important sports events in the world. Europe has the purpose of becoming a climate-neutral continent by 2050. This conference is an excellent opportunity to discuss specific aspirations, clarify the action plan, and decide how each of us can contribute to achieving this goal, says A. Zabarauskas. Organizations and teams with a true sense of mission and sustainable purpose will generate enough value and energy to make critical changes happen, adds partner at Adverum, who participated in the conference and the sailing competition.