Communicating Lithuania in Germany

By Uwe Schmidt, Managing Partner of Adverum’s German PR partner Industrie-Contact AG

We as Adverum’s German partner agency had the nice task of communicating Lithuania to German media. We learned a lot about Lithuania skills and opportunities. The same was true for many of the media we talked to about Lithuania. Therefore, we were pleased to have been part of Adverum’s communication campaign on behalf of Enterprise Lithuania. What were our biggest learnings?

  • Lithuania’s population has EU-leading numbers in higher education – for instance 41,500 engineers, more than 31,500 IT specialists and more than 40,000 students in these two disciplines overall.
  • The country’s government is committed to expanding MINT education, which is why Lithuania ranks first in Central and Eastern Europe for university-business collaboration in R&D and is ranked second globally for “tertiary efficiency” by Bloomberg.
  • According to the European Commission, Lithuania is one of the leading countries in implementing Industrie 4.0 standards in its economic ecosystem.
  • Automation, robotics, photonics, cybersecurity, and AI are just some of the technologies the Lithuanian government is trying to promote with the help of educational institutions, venture capitalists, angel investors, and the entire business ecosystem.
  • Lithuania has the highest number of laser engineers per capita in the world.
  • According to the World Bank’s Doing Business report, Lithuania ranks 11th in the world when it comes to the ease of starting and growing a business. In comparison, Germany only ranks 22nd.
  • Registering a business in Lithuania can take only a few days.


We have learned a lot about Lithuania and its opportunities that we have not known before. Let’s keep on telling the story about Lithuania’s strengths and how the country and Germany can benefit from each other.