Adverum, Together With Investor Relations Partner Cometis AG, is the First to Launch ESG Strategy, Reporting, and Communication Services in Lithuania

Communications agency Adverum, in cooperation with the German investor relations firm Cometis AG, is the first in Lithuania to start ESG (environmental, social, governance) implementation services for businesses and non-profit organizations. Organizations that follow this model, work towards measurable progress in environmental, social responsibility, and corporate governance.

“Our goal is to help companies focus on the realities of tomorrow: developing an ESG strategy and implementing it throughout the supply chain also increases the value and attractiveness of the company in the wider ecosystem, ” – says Ieva Naujalytė, partner at Adverum.

Governance based on the ESG model is currently gaining popularity worldwide. Investments in ESG funds more than doubled last year, and it is projected to reach $ 53 billion by 2025.

Companies worldwide align their long-term strategies with environmental goals, social responsibility initiatives, and good governance criteria to strengthen reputation, help raise capital and foster long-term partnerships with its investors, employees, and consumers.

“Businesses have a major role to play addressing social and environmental issues; besides, stakeholders now pay much more attention to the way their businesses are managed.  Companies that care about the environment, social responsibility, and good governance and follow ESG principles are gaining strong competitive advantage,” – says Michael Diegelmann, founder and CEO of Cometis AG.

In Lithuania, Adverum will conduct ESG audits, develop strategies and tactical recommendations, prepare ESG sustainability reports and implement communication campaigns.

Besides public relations, Adverum provides strategic planning, crisis communication, digital communication, media preparedness training, ESG communication, employer branding, and market entry consulting services.