A. Zabarauskas: How Will We Deceive Ourselves Today? Rise of the Deepfakes

Aistis Zabarauskas, a Partner at Adverum, at conference LOGIN 2021, talked about how easy it is to pretend to be someone else with the help of new technologies. 

In his keynote, How Will We Deceive Ourselves Today? Aistis talked about the rise of “deep fakes” – messages that can be created by presenting an image to AI and asking technology to describe it, or, conversely, by providing AI with a description and asking it to generate an image. Such counterfeits can be used in many ways for both good and evil.

Back in 2020, in Great Britain, a fake greeting was announced on behalf of the Queen at Christmas time. This deepfake was created intentionally – to demonstrate how good the technology has gotten over the past few years. People have developed technological tools to clone voices, create images, and write texts. This is yet another problem humanity will have to face and learn to deal with, says A. Zabarauskas.

Because content manipulation tools are now available to everyone, it is essential to remain vigilant – don’t blindly trust the information you see and hear, and always double-check your sources.