7 effective ways to communicate with Gen Z

You’re right to think, that baby boomers and Gen Xers are more relevant to your business today. But researches argue that 70% of the average household spending decisions already are influenced by Generation Z. Moreover, they will represent 40% of the world’s consumers as soon as 2020. Then, does anyone wants to get in touch with Gen Z? How do we do that? Here are 7 effective ways to get into the horizon of Gen Z.

These consumers have never known a non-digital, web-free world, or a world without terrorism or war. They have seen their big brothers graduate from university and still struggle to find a job. They’ve witnessed – and experienced – the effects of the 2008 global recession. Gen Zer’s are pragmatists, achievers, independent, and courageous.

Even though many millennials grew up accustomed to the internet, they often huddled around a single desktop computer used by everyone in their family. Sometime around 2011, we woke up and realized, that everyone had a smartphone in their hands.

These changes had a cascading effect on our lifestyle and on the communications landscape. It is no surprise that Generation Z — generally defined as people born after 1995 — prefer online communications to in-person communications. Even though the full range of human emotions, bonds, and development are still a critical part of developing relationships among Gen Zers, the online world appears to have filled in that gap. Therefore, to make headway of your business make headway in the new age, your communication platforms and messaging needs to adapt to Gen Zer’s.

Reach Them Where They Are
Nielsen confirms that 85 percent of Gen Zeds learn about new products via social media and a large percentage of this cohort are also more likely to connect with brands on social networks than their older generations . Get your messages across the board via Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube, and others. They are everywhere on these platforms. They are the generation of streamers and are image-driven shoppers.

Be available 24/7
Research says about 70 percent of Gen Zers and Millennials across the globe always put their phones where they can easily reach them while they sleep . They consider and believe they can get anything anytime online. Make this possible by being accessible and aim to react within seconds. They don’t have the luxury of time to dwell on things that do not appeal to them. Get them to know what you offer in just a few clicks. Make sure all they do is tap to navigate the reality you are offering them.

The True Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)
Nearly 90% of members of Gen Z use Snapchat on a regular basis, and a majority check Snapchat and other social networks over 10 times a day . This is because they don’t want to miss out on what their friends are sharing. Reach them by tapping into this powerful emotion. Create exclusive content and make your Generation Z audience believe they have an opportunity to access to something exclusive just by checking your social media stories or attending your live event. Master Snapchat, Instagram and live video.

Be Trustful
While Millennials were raised to think they were special and can do anything they want, Gen Zers have seen the disappoint experienced by Millennials, and are more realistic. With this knowledge, they expect to be treated differently. Gen Zers find it important to trust brands and 43 percent of them do trust many long-established brands . They want to see authenticity in marketing, including proof and a culture to back up claims of strong company values.

Be Short and Creative
Gen Z needs continuous updates and stimulation, reportedly having an attention span of 8 seconds . Today, more than ever, you have to focus on the quality of the content. It’s important to add value to the conversation and make your content as memorable and creative as possible. Otherwise – just be quick.

Be Responsible
Gen Z wants to do good in the world. They are not only more likely to work in a workplace that contributes to society but are also considered to play a huge role in philanthropy over the next few years . This generation wants to change the world with their pocket money. Why not help them by starting a corporate social responsibility project?

Keep it Real
Almost 70% of Gen Zers are more interested in content with realistic endings. They are twice as likely to prefer to see real people than famous endorsers in advertisements . Use this fact to engage with micro-influencers instead of celebrities, use “word of mouth” communication, and keep it real. Remember, they want their news straight, and they don’t like it when the truth is hidden.