Aistis Zabarauskas, the Senior Partner at Adverum, spoke about effective leadership communication and its meaning at the online seminar Leaders’ Communication: Actions and Words organized by Communication Industry Association (KIA).

According to him, successful communication of a leader consists of three critical points: living according to values, speaking the truth, and ensuring that actions correspond with your words.

The best message is the action itself. Unfortunately, I notice too many discrepancies between words and activities in our leaders’ communication.

Real agenda is often masked with half-truths and populistic statements, and in the worst cases, even fake information about opponents. It only adds to the trust deficit among the people, says A. Zabarauskas.

Social networks are an essential tool in political communication, primarily when it serves as a platform to maintain relationships with the audience. A. Zabarauskas also emphasized the importance of feeling balanced as a leader, which can only be done by communicating with the public as much as possible.

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